Whole House Fans

Q. Do whole house fans really work?

Whole house fans work perfectly when the air outside is much cooler than the air inside your home.

Q. Can you run a whole house fan all night?

QuietCool whole house fans are operated by a switch with a built in timer that can be set to run 1-8 hours or contstantly.

Q. How much does it cost to install a whole house fan?

Pricing is all dependent on the model of the whole house fan as well as installation rates. Need a free quote? Fill out this form and we will get back to you with a quote.

Q. Which whole house fan is the best?

It depends on if you’re trying to go for very efficient or high energy saving. If you want the best of the best, we recommend going with any QuietCool Stealth Pro X line fans.

Q. Are whole house fans energy efficient?

Whole house fans are very energy efficient. Check out what we have to say about whole house fans and energy efficiency

Q. Should I open my windows when using a whole house fan?

Absolutely! If you don’t open any windows while a whole house fan is running you’re not going to effectively cool your home.

Q. Can you install a whole house fan without an attic?

A whole house fan and attic fan are two completely different things. You can install both of them in your home.


Q. What is the best brand of home insulation?

Applegate Cellulose is currently the best.

Q. How can I better insulate my home?

We can give you more guidance on what’s the best approach to insulate your home. Contact us now for more info.

Q. What is the safest insulation for homes?

The best insulation options for an attic are open cell spray foam, fiberglass, and cellulose. Cellulose is the oldest insulation material used for not only the attic, but other areas of the home as well.

Q. Can you put new insulation over old?

This is normally how insulation gets installed. The only way old insulation would be removed is if it is worn out, damaged or ineffective.

Q. What happens if I touch insulation?

If you touched fiberglass with your bare hands, this might result in sharp stinging, burning and itching sensations.

Window Film

Q. What does window film do?

Window film is a self-adhesive film that is applied to a window surface. Window film reduces solar radiation that passes through windows making your home cooler during the day.

Q. Can you see through window film?

Depending on the darkness of the window film applied to your homes windows, you can see through most window film.

Q. What is a ceramic film?

Being that it’s the newest technology used for window films, ceramic film is known for heat blocking and insulating capabilities.

Q. Does window film reduce heat?

Window film reduces the heat that passes through windows. During the hot summer months, window film can help reduce the use of other home cooling appliances.

Q. Will you get a lot of privacy with window film?

For the most part you are able to get a lot of privacy with window film depending on how dark the film is.

Attic Fans

Q. Do attic fans really help?

Attic fans help ventilate and cool your home by exhausting built up air inside the attic space.

Q. Do attic fans turn on automatically?

Most attic fans have built-in thermostats that are programmed to turn on if 80 degrees Fahrenheit or above in the attic.

Q. Do attic fans reduce energy costs?

Attic fans do reduce your energy usage, thus reducing energy cost.

Q. Are attic fans expensive to run?

Attic Fans costs just as much as running a single 100 watt lightbulb.

Q. What are the benefits of an attic fan?
  • cooler attic during the summer
  • improves the longevity of your attic
  • Minimizes damage to your roof from heat
  • Keeps your attic dry when moisture is present
  • Prevents ice damming