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Tyson Energy Solutions is a Factory Authorized Dealer for QuietCool Whole House Fans. From the moment you call, our experts will guide you step by step in your journey to upgrade your home with a revolutionary cooling and ventilation product that will save you big on A/C cooling costs. Feel confident you are choosing an experienced QuietCool Authorized Dealer and Installer to guide you into the best system options for your home and family needs.

Once your system is selected, our installation team will provide a high-quality install to factory standards. And of course, the best part! the system demonstration. We’ll train you on how to use your new QuietCool to get the best cooling, the fastest ventilation, and the biggest energy savings you can!

Why install a Whole House Fan in your home?

You’ll hear people who have a QuietCool whole house fan say “they’ll never live without one.” or “It was the best home-
improvement investment I’ve ever made.” Our customers often tells us “I don’t know why I waited so long to get one installed!”

Once you’ve had your QuietCool whole house fan installed, you should expect to dramatically improve your home cooling abilities and save energy with less A/C. No longer solely rely on your A/C to stay cool at home. Use your QuietCool to improve cooling comfort and reduce A/C use to save money using natural cool air!

QuietCool whole house fans will also transform your indoor air quality by removing stale, stuffy air, and replacing it with fresh air! Don’t wait any longer to start enjoying these amazing benefits!

Need a QuietCool Whole House Fan Installed for your home?

Here at Tyson Energy Solutions, we always strive to be the best whole house fan company in Fresno. So, if you’re looking for amazing deals on QuietCool installations, give us a call or request a free quote below and we can provide you with an affordable price!

Fresno Climate

We understand the extreme heat of Fresno. It can be so tough to stay cool at home indoors, even with the A/C running. And it’s so expensive too! When the outside air does cool off in the evening, night, and morning times, most home’s A/C still cycle on and off during these cool hours because so much heat is stored within the home’s thermal mass, mostly in the attic. This is where you can rely on QuietCool whole house fans and attic fans to improve home cooling and save money. Our experts will provide you a satisfying cooling breeze to freshen up your indoor air and reduce your A/C bill. Let Tyson Energy Solutions size your QuietCool system properly to beat the Fresno heat.

How a whole house fan system works

Step 1. When the outside air is cool, turn A/C off

Step 2. Open 2-4 windows 4-6 inches

Step 3. Turn on your QuietCool whole house fan

Step 4. Instantly feel a cool air breeze rushing through open

Get ready for a powerful cooling breeze to rush across your living space, offering an amazing cooling sensation as the breeze is pulled across you and your home. The breeze not only cools your living space but blows out the stored up attic heat. Bring cool air in through open windows, exhaust hot air out through attic venting. Cool your entire home, upstairs and attic included, by running your QuietCool during the cool hours of night and morning. You will stay cool with less A/C and enjoy fresh air ventilation.

The benefits of a whole house fan in your home

There are numerous benefits using a whole house fan but the above listed are very common. Did you know that a whole house fan can also alleviate allergens or help with asthma? Breathing fresh clean air is better than breathing in air that is being recycled into your home.

  • Improve home cooling options, no longer solely rely on A/C
  • Instantly feel 5° cooler with a powerful breeze
  • Cool your entire home, upstairs and attic included

  • Use a fraction of energy compared to A/C
  • Save money with a lot less A/C and improve home cooling
  • Reduce A/C run time by up to 50% or more
  • Average system ROI 2-3 years

  • Full home fresh air exchange in 3-4 minutes, up to 15-20 per hour
  • Give your home a breath of fresh air
  • Remove cooking odors, pet dander, smoke, steam in minutes
  • Improve the health and quality of your indoor air with fresh air

Whole house fan warranty

Since we only deal and install the best whole house fan systems, QuietCool backs their products up with a 15-year manufacturer warranty. But it doesn’t stop there. We can guarantee a clean and perfect install and be there for you whenever you have any questions or need help with your whole house fan.

Trident Pro X Series

quietcool trident pro x mounted in attic

Stealth Pro X Series

quietcool stealth pro x mounted in attic

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