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We have installed plenty of QuietCool whole house fans in Fresno, CA.  As a way to help cool any home with air circulation during our hot Fresno summers, we pride ourselves with the perfect installs. Choose an installer who has experience with whole house fans because there are many other things to consider when you have one installed. Our technicians can help determine what size whole house fan is best for your home and to ensure your home is equipped with a system that can pull large volumes of air. With energy savings in Focus, we strive to install the best whole house fan system in your home. To learn more about whole house fans or request a free quote, call Tyson Energy Solutions at 559-754-7095.

Why install a Whole House Fan in your home?

If you’re worried about the indoor air quality of your home or even saving much more off your home’s energy consumption, then installing a whole house fan in your home is a no brainer. We know all the bells and whistles when it comes to installing a QuietCool whole house fan and let’s just say it’s one of the best whole house fan brand in the market today. So diving right into the nitty gritty, the QuietCool systems are capable of pulling in large volumes of air which recycles the air in a home within a matter of minutes. Imagine when it’s hotter inside your home than the outside temperature, you would normally turn on your Air Conditioner right? Well, with a QuietCool whole house fan you can exhaust that built up hot stuffy air and easily exchange it with clean outside air. Of course it’s still hot air, but now your air conditioning unit does not have to work twice as hard. The benefit to installing a whole house fan in your home all comes down to your preference. Are you worried about indoor air quality, trying to save on home energy consumption, or are you just trying to save a few hundred dollars off your electric bill every year? If you’re looking into purchasing a whole house fan from a reputable whole house fan company in Fresno, we are only a phone call away.

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Need a QuietCool Whole House Fan Installed for your home?

Here at Tyson Energy Solutions, we always strive to be the best whole house fan company in Fresno. So, if you're looking for amazing deals on QuietCool installations, give us a call or request a free quote below and we can provide you with an affordable price!

Fresno Climate

Fresno can be uncomfortably hot, dry, and clear in the summertime and in the wintertime it can get chilly, wet, and cloudy. Throughout the year, the temperature often differs from low 40 degrees Fahrenheit up to high 99 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s somewhat rare for the weather to drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit or go above 106 degrees Fahrenheit. With all that being said the hot season normally lasts for 4 months. Normally, you’d run your air conditioning unit all day long during this time of the year. With the increased usage of your air conditioner, your electricity bills might spike with increased cost. But with cooler summer nights it’s best to utilize a whole house fan for maximum comfort with huge energy savings.

How a whole house fan system works

In short, a whole house fan is like a box fan mounted in your ceiling that takes the hot air in your home and exhausts it into your attic space. 

Let’s go into more details

When the weather outside is 5-10 degrees cooler than the inside of your home, turn a whole house fan on and bring in the cool outside air in through the home. You can bring cold air into your home by opening a few windows. Make sure the windows are no more than 5-6 inches. Whole house fans are capable of 15-22 air exchanges per minute, which is huge! That’s like constantly replacing the air in your home 10 times more than your air conditioner would. Remember, whole house fans are only effective when it’s a little cooler outside than the inside of your home.

The benefits of a whole house fan in your home

  • Remove built up hot stuffy air
  • Exhaust bathroom steam and odors
  • Expels germs, smoke and even VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) gases
  • Helps prevent home mold and mildew
  • Lowers the usage of any box fans 

There are numerous benefits using a whole house fan but the above listed are very common. Did you know that a whole house fan can also alleviate allergens or help with asthma? Breathing fresh clean air is better than breathing in air that is being recycled into your home. 

Savings with a whole house fan

This is where we get to brag! The ultimate reason why we install QuietCool whole house fans is that we know the systems can save you lots of money. Here are examples of why QuietCool systems are extremely energy efficient.

The average cost of electricity in Fresno is 15¢/kWh (Kilowatt Hour) a 3 ton central air conditioner using 5,300 Watts at 12 hours a day would cost:






A QuietCool Stealth Pro 5.5X using 490 watts on high – running 12 hours a day would cost:





Whole house fan warranty

Since we only deal and install the best whole house fan systems, QuietCool backs their products up with a 15-year manufacturer warranty. But it doesn’t stop there. We can guarantee a clean and perfect install and be there for you whenever you have any questions or need help with your whole house fan. 

Trident Pro X Series

quietcool trident pro x mounted in attic

Stealth Pro X Series

quietcool stealth pro x mounted in attic

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