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Enjoy complete home cooling with an Attic Fan.

There's a summer heatwave, and you're suffering from intense heat; what do you do? You turn on your air conditioner to cool your home. But there's one place in your home that your air conditioner is not cooling down, and that's your attic space. A home's roof is literally the first line of defense with keeping the blistering sun from beating down on your home, but below the roof theirs the attic. Let's face it; the attic is always the last thing on your mind when cooling your home during the summer. Did you know that your attic gets about 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the outside temperature? We have the solution for how to keep your attic from storing all that heat.

Having an attic fan helps your air conditioning unit work much more effectively in cooling the thermal mass of your home. Now, if you have a whole house fan installed in your home, both an attic fan and a whole house fan can save you incredible amounts of money. This is a complete home cooling solution that operates 24/7.

Some benefits for installing an Attic Fan

Cooling ventilation breeze inside the attic

Avoid 150-degree attic heat

Reduce attic heat transferring into living space

Reduce attic heat load that causes A/C to run so hard

Save on monthly A/C bill

Reduce repair and maintenance calls on A/C

Minimize attic and roof damage caused by extreme heat

Attic fans are one of the perfect solutions to the challenge of staying cool for less money in the Fresno climate. The Fresno heat isn't going anywhere unless you exhaust it out with an attic fan! Start saving on your monthly bill and give your A/C a helping hand by having Tyson Energy Solutions install a QuietCool attic fan.

How does an attic fan work?

Attic fans create a ventilation breeze within the attic space by exhausting air out of the attic through a gable, dormer, or roof mount location and drawing outside air into the attic. This ventilation breeze will regulate the attic heat from becoming oven-like, where stagnate air sits and bakes, reaching upwards of 150 degrees. Avoid extreme attic heat. Reduce heat transfer into the thermal mass of the living space. Instead, exhaust it out with an attic fan to dramatically reduce the heat load that your A/C is constantly battling inside your attic.

Attic fan installation in Fresno, CA

Attic Fans we install

Smart Attic Gable Fan

Quitecool Smart Attic Gable Fan

Smart Attic Roof Mount Fan

QuiteCool Smart Attic Roof Mount Fan

Have a cool & comfortable attic

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